OEA Affiliate Grant Application - Online
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Welcome to the OEA Affiliate Grants Application Web Site

The OEA Affiliate Grant Program was created in 2003 to build strong and effective locals. The Program makes grants available to all local OEA affiliates - whether a large local, a small local, or a cluster of locals. To be eligible for a grant, the affiliate must provide a statement of how its program will strengthen the Association at the local, state, and/or national level.

There are four (4) types of grants available -

  1. One Year Grant - available every year 
  2. Two Year Grant - available even number years only, must apply in odd numbered years. (see example below) 
  3. Effective Locals Grant (see example below) 
  4. Release Time Grant

(2, 3 Example; 2010-2012 grant applications taken in 2009-2010 fiscal year)

Please see About the Grants to determine which one is best for your affiliate. 

Applicants must apply using this convenient online application process.  Applications must be received no later than the Wednesday following the Martin Luther King Holiday.  All applicants are strongly encouraged to visit our downloads section to get a printable worksheet for gathering the data for the application before beginning the online process.  You can also download sample applications.

You can visit the Instructions page to get a list of information you will need and a printable worksheet for the application.  Then, click the Apply Here link to get started now!