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General Grant Requirements

A few general caveats are in order relative to all of the grants.

  • Total grant amounts are subject to the OEA budget amounts to be determined on a biennial basis.
  • Definitions of and within each grant are subject to continuous review and revision based upon measures of success and effectiveness, as well as recognition of best practices.
  • Locals under individual service agreements are not eligible for affiliate grant money.
  • The process for paying grant funds shall include procedures for ensuring accountability, including adequate internal controls, accurate bookkeeping, and verification of expenses.

Also, there are several requirements or preconditions an affiliate must meet in order to qualify for the Affiliate Grant Program as a local in good standing. These requirements may be waived by the Oversight Committee for reasons consistent with the OEA's Mission, Vision, and Goals.

  1. The statement of purpose of the grant proposal will be tied to the stated Mission, Vision, and Goals of the OEA.
  2. Delegates of the applying local must attend District and OEA representative assemblies as described in each grant category.
  3. A successful FCPE drive must be conducted annually. Success is defined as matching at least state level of members participating for the first year (11% - 12%) and demonstrates sustained contributions and works towards continuous improvement.
  4. Strong financial practices are confirmed in local policy and actually practiced; i.e. bills paid timely, dues remitted timely, fiduciary responsibilities fulfilled.
  5. Dues for locals involved must generate at least a matching amount of any grant.
  6. Grant application is completed and submitted electronically, timely, completely.
  7. The commitment to meet the conditions of the grant is made by the affiliate's governing body.